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QuarterCode is an association of developers who formed the group to help other members out on their projects, as well as making the process of publishing faster and getting rid of worries like building, archiving and presenting results. The tools allow to continuously integrate and automatically review the projects' codebases, as well as distributing the resulting artifacts to other developers and end users.

As mentioned above, the QuarterCode developers use certain services for automating things and saving time for the development process. Most of the services are visible for everyone. The services include:


This is a list of all open source projects which are documented in this wiki:

  • Disconnected: A large sandbox-type hacking game which simulates the entire world for giving realistic reactions of the society.
  • Classmod: A library for creating classes which can be modified at runtime.
  • EventBridge: EventBridge is a flexible event framework that can be used for local and network communication.
  • GameSpec: An standard for Minecraft minigames, evolving into an ecosystem built on top of SpongeAPI.
  • QuarterBukkit: An API extension for Bukkit.
  • MinecartRevolution: A modern minecart plugin for Bukkit which features a fast and simple entry and can be deeply customized using expressions.
  • MinecartRevolutionTags: A plugin for MinecartRevolution which adds the tag system TrainCarts uses.
  • Nodemapper: A powerful tool for creating 2D node trees using a GUI application.

Useful Information

QuarterCode is using a slightly customized nvie branching model which also affects the release model. You can view it under Branching & Release Model.

You can find the source repositories for all of our projects on GitHub. Feel free to fork! We also have a BukkitDev account for publishing our Bukkit projects.