Create beautiful film credit sequences—without pain

Cinecred Is Free and Open Source Software

Licensed under the GPLv3, everyone can use Cinecred free of charge forever. The source code is publicly available in a GitHub Repository. Contributions, bug reports, and feature suggestions are welcome!

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3AJohn DoeFilmCardCard
5Executive ProducersThomas CashCard
6Andy Money
9(in order of appearance)Subheading
11TimTom TimmyGutter
12TomTim Tommy
141st Assistant DirectorSarah SupervisorWrap -400
152nd Assistant DirectorSandro Scheduler
17GafferGigantic Gluehbirne
18Key GripDetlef Dolly
20Director of PhotographyPeter Panner400
211st Assistant CameraPaul Puller
222nd Assistant CameraCharly Clapper

Use Your Favorite Spreadsheet Editor

Cinecred can read the raw credits data from a Credits.xls(x) (Microsoft Excel), Credits.ods (OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc), or Credits.csv file. Edit it with your preferred spreadsheet tool, integrating perfectly with the rest of your production workflow. Need to add a credit or fix a typo later on? Just change the spreadsheet!

Live Visualization

While editing the credits data and its styling, Cinecred continually updates an interactive visual preview and indicates any problems with the Credits file. Optional layout guides make both learning Cinecred and styling your credits sequence dead easy. A video preview lets you immediately watch the sequence without time-consuming rendering.

Screenshot of the live visualization and feedback
Screenshot of the styling UI

Interactive Styling

All the styling options Cinecred provides might seem overwhelming at first. But the interactive nature of Cinecred—including contextual input, live application of changes, and easy reverts—make it intuitive and fun to play around with different settings and thereby explore and learn the ins and outs of Cinecred's styling system.

Design Flexibility

Apart from standard use cases, Cinecred's flexible styling system enables a wide range of credits layouts and designs. Whatever you have in mind, Cinecred can likely assist you in implement it.

Demonstration of flexible layout
Screenshot of the delivery UI

Manifold Delivery Options

Does your post-production workflow require ProRes, DPX sequences, or even SVGs which you animate yourself? Do you want to send around PDFs of the credits sequence for checks? No matter what the need, Cinecred probably has you covered. You do not need to adapt your workflow to Cinecred; Cinecred adapts to your workflow.

Cinecred Is Not Opinionated

We've specifically designed Cinecred to cater to every user's needs as fully as possible, without adding bloat, making it hard to use, or requiring a steep learning curve. Cinecred does not impose some way of working, it tries its best to support every conceivable layout, it does not unnecessarily limit the media and delivery file formats, and so on. If you miss some feature, let us know by submitting an issue on GitHub or sending an email to hello at loadingbyte dot com, and we will try our best to add support for your use case.

Sample Credits Sequence

Watch the following sequence to get a feel for the capabilities of Cinecred. The clip is taken from the German movie Etiology and optimized for display on computer monitors for illustration purposes.

Want to give Cinecred a try?