Hi, I'm


This website presents and documents my open source software projects. You can find all of my public code on GitHub.

Note that apart from this website, I'm also hosting a Maven repository for all my Java builds.

Also note that in the past, I often used a slightly customized version of the classic Nvie branching model which especially affected release cycles. You can find it described in detail under Legacy Branching & Releasing.


Title Description Tech. Org.
Neural Gaussian Scale-Space Fields Learning neural fields that produce Gaussian-smoothed versions of the original signal. (SIGGRAPH 2024) Python, PyTorch MPI
Are GNN Defenses Robust? Adaptive evaluation reveals that most examined adversarial defenses for GNNs show no or only marginal improvement in robustness. (NeurIPS 2022) Python, PyTorch TUM
timeXplain (GitHub) Explain the predictions of any time series classifier or value predictor using model-agnostic and model-specific algorithms. Python HPI


Most of the following projects have been completely developed by myself. The projects bearing the logo of Unrated Film Industries, an online filmmaking team, were created in an effort to make better machinimas in Minecraft.

Project Kind Description Tech. Org. Status
Nexus 3 Exporter (GitHub) CLI Application A little script for downloading all assets inside a Nexus 3 repository, following the repository's format (e.g., Maven 2). Python Completed
QNAP HBS Decryptor (GitHub) CLI Application A CLI to decrypt files encrypted client-side by QNAP's Hybrid Backup Sync (HBS) app. C Completed
Telegram Text Extractor (GitHub) CLI Application A tool to extract raw chatlog text from Telegram JSON exports. Python Completed
ImageTiler (GitHub) CLI Application A very simple ImageMagick-based bash script that takes an image and tiles it. Bash Completed
Second Dream (GitHub) AI Library & Webapp All the tools you need to let neural networks dream deeply on time series data, including a neat demo webapp. Python, Keras, Flask Completed
FemtoWeb Web Framework An extremely minimalistic non-intrusive action based Java web framework. Java QC Completed
MovieFocus Minecraft 1.7.10 Mod A Minecraft mod that allows for a more flexible usage of depth of field and focus in Minecraft movies. It patches supported shaderpacks so that they work together with the mod. Java, Forge UFI Completed
SkinShifter Minecraft 1.7.10 Mod A Minecraft mod that allows players to change their skin to arbitrary images. It also supports multiplayer. Java, Forge UFI Completed
ScriptSpace Minecraft 1.7.10 Mod A Minecraft mod that allows to run filter scripts which can directly modify a previously selected portion of the world. Think of them as a map-making tool — they can modify blocks, entities, and tile entities. Java, Forge UFI Completed
GuiLib Library Minecraft 1.7.10 Mod A Minecraft library that allows modders to create more advanced Minecraft GUIs. Java, Forge UFI Completed
QuarterBukkit Library Bukkit Plugin An API extension for Bukkit, notably including special FX and particle/object system APIs. Java QC Completed
MinecartRevolution Bukkit Plugin A modern minecart plugin for Bukkit that gets you started fast, yet can be deeply customized. Java QC Completed
MinecartRevolutionTags Bukkit Plugin A plugin for MinecartRevolution which adds the tag system TrainCarts uses. Java QC Completed
MovieSets Bukkit/Sponge Plugin A Bukkit and Sponge plugin that generates and manages worlds that are sectioned into different areas, with each of them being able to be used as a movie set. Java UFI Completed
Viewfinder Bukkit Plugin A Bukkit plugin that allows you to watch players from their point of view. It's a really neat when being used as a director's viewfinder. Java UFI Completed
Nodemapper GUI Application A tool for creating 2D node trees using a GUI application. Java QC Completed
QuarterMAP (GitHub) Webapp A web application for presenting maven artifacts, which are located in a maven repository, to end users in form of a nice download site. This project has been deprecated in favor of Socorepo. Java, Struts 2 QC Completed
Taiga contrib unrated Taiga Plugin A Taiga plugin that extends the Taiga software to fit our needs at Unrated Film Industries. Python, JavaScript UFI Completed
Classmod Library A library for creating classes which can be modified at runtime. Java QC Abandoned
Disconnected (GitHub) Game A large sandbox-type hacking game which simulates the entire world for giving realistic reactions of the society. Java QC Abandoned
EventBridge Library EventBridge is a flexible event framework that can be used for local and network communication. Java QC Abandoned
GameSpec Sponge Framework A standard for Minecraft minigames, hopefully evolving into an ecosystem built on top of SpongeAPI. Java QC Abandoned
JTimber Library A framework that supports the creation of complex Java object trees by introducing concepts like object parent storage. Java QC Abandoned
MovieLens (GitHub) Minecraft 1.7.10 Mod A Minecraft mod that projects the game world in a fixed aspect ratio. Doing that, it only ever expands, but never crops the frame, enabling you to shoot in real widescreen formats instead of simply overlaying letterboxes. Java, Forge UFI Abandoned