Control Signs

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You can place the signs over, under or beside the rail, also on the where the rail is placed. The first line implays the fuction like [Announce].

Sign Effect
Announce Prints a text to the player in minecart
Chest Transfers items from/into a chest
Clear Removes all items from player inventory
Collect Collects nearby items (Radius can be edited in configuration)
Command Executes a command as player
Effect Adds/removes effects to/from minecart
Farm Collects farmable items and places new seeds
File Executes a script from scriptdirectory
Furnace Transfers items from/into a furnace
Grab Nearby player will be placed in cart
Health Sets player health between 0 and 20
Hold Holds the cart for x seconds
Intersection No description yet
Lock Adds/removes a lock to cart. If lock is active player can't leave the minecart

Item transfer

It is really simple to ternsfer items with Minecart Revolution. There are only two things you need, a sign and a storage cart. If you want to transfer items you have to place the sign near the chest or furnace.

There are some signs they will need a specified item id. The syntax is like:

Syntax Effect
+ItemID, ItemId:SubID Puts items out of the cart
-ItemID, ItemId:SubID Puts items into the cart

Item aliases

There are some aliases for Items. You are able to substitude ItemIDs with common names like coal. This is awesome if you place a [Furnace]-Sign because you can write + fuel and items like wood, plancs, coal will be placed in the right place.


With intersections you are able to redirect minecarts. The way that the cart is redirected can be written in two ways.

There are terms you can use to make logics on redirection:

Additional notes