A tool for creating 2D node trees using a GUI application.

You can find the source code and contribute to the source repository on GitHub.


If you downloaded a binaries package or built your own one, you have several options to run Nodemapper:

$ java -jar nodemapper-<version>.jar

You need the Java JRE for all of those methods. If you haven't downloaded it yet, get it from here.


If you start a new tree, you will only have one node with the content "Root". You can double-click on the text to edit it to something else.

You can add a new link to another node by clicking on the border of a node and dragging the line to the other node. If there's no node, the program will create a new one. If you link to nodes together a second time, the link will be removed.

Using trees with your software

If you want to use created trees in your own software, you can copy the source files from the package "com.quartercode.nodemapper.tree" and use them as an API. For loading/saving, you need the packages "com.quartercode.nodemapper.ser" and "com.quartercode.nodemapper.ser.types".

The only requirement for using this classes is a reference to the original repository on GitHub.