Taiga contrib unrated


In the directory where you've got your taiga-back and taiga-front folders:

git clone "https://github.com/LoadingByte/taiga-contrib-unrated.git"

Taiga Back

In your Taiga back python virtualenv install the pip package taiga-contrib-unrated with:

cd taiga-contrib-unrated/back
workon taiga
pip install -e .

Then modify your taiga-back/settings/local.py to include these lines:

INSTALLED_APPS += ["taiga_contrib_unrated"]
MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES += ["taiga_contrib_unrated.middleware.RequireAuthEverywhereMiddleware"]

# Case-insensitive name (not slug) of the role that should be assigned to joined users

Taiga Front

Create a link in taiga-front/dist to the front/ folder of the plugin:

cd taiga-front/dist
ln -s ../../taiga-contrib-unrated/front/unrated unrated

In the header of taiga-front/dist/index.html, include the script script-joinProject.js, just like this:

    <script src="/unrated/script-joinProject.js"></script>